CURRENT STATUSDokdo, is an integral part of the Republic of Korea!

I wanted to follow the status of Dokdo for you.

Composition of the island

Dokdo (total area of 187,554 square meters) consists of two large islands, Dongdo and Seodo, and 89 surrounding islets.
The shortest distance between Dongdo and Seodo is 151 meters at low tide.


Dongdo Photography by Kim Chul-hwan
  • Dongdo is located to the southeast and has a surface area of 73,297 square meters, with its highest peak at 98.6 meters and a circumference of 2.8 kilometers.
  • It houses a docking facility, coast guard station, heliport, and a staffed lighthouse.


Seodo Photography by Kim Chul-hwan
  • Seodo is located to the northwest of Dongdo and has a land area of 88,740 square meters. Rising 168.5 meters above sea level with a circumference of 2.6 kilometers, Seodo is the taller and larger island of the two.
  • Major facilities on the island include residents’ living quarters, a trail, and a drinking facility.

Surrounding islets

Gunhambawi and Neopdeokbawi Photography by Kim Chul-hwan
Gunhambawi and Neopdeokbawi
  • Dokdo is surrounded by 89 smaller islets with a total area of 25,517 square meters.
  • The larger islets include Gunhambawi, Neopdeokbawi, Buchaebawi, Chotdaebawi, and Haenyeobawi.